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Queens Speech Episode 26!

Queens Speech Episode 25!

Queens Speech Episode 24! Mermaids in deep water....

The 10 gender commandments

Sleight of words – Why the function of language matters

Gay Men's Network NHS Consultation response

Queens Speech Episode 23! Iceland special with Eldur!

A man has a man-shaped view of the world

Queen’s Speech Episode 22

Queen's Speech Episode 21 - Education, education, education

It came from Tumblr....Hannah Berrelli and Shay Woulahan expertly chart the rise of gender

MPs should not risk derailing tribunals by insulting senior King's Counsel and their clients

The pornographic unreality of gender

Gay Men's Network respond to CPS consultation on sex by deception

Queens Speech Episode 20 - Ask us anything!

Queen's Speech Episode 19 - Scotland the brave

"Gender" is surrender

Queens Speech Episode 17

Grand Theft Gender

Terfing USA

Cometh the backlash

Kavanagh does GB News discussing "sex by deception" and the gender captured CPS consultation

Kavanagh and the famous artist Birdy Rose talk...... A LOT

Gender's First Commandment - Get back in the closet

Queens Speech Episode 16

Blood in the water.....

Queens Speech Episode 15

Queens’ Speech Episode 14

Queens Speech episode 13 - Gays get angry :)

Queen’s Speech Episode 12

Queens' Speech Ep.11 - Pride goeth before a fall

Queen's Speech Episode 9 - the three-way with Barry!

Queens' Speech Episode 8

A reminder of why Mermaids have no case against the LGB Alliance - please support if you can

Stonewall's thought police - now defiantly ignoring the law and intimidating women in their homes. Get angry.

Queen's Speech Episode 7 - Dr. Turban's claims examined......

The end of the Gender Abattoir

Queens’ Speech Episode 6: The Gender abattoir closes

Lesbian & Gay News - Appleby v Tavistock from 8/9/2021

Dennis does "The Mess we're in"

Queens Speech Bonus Episode - Legal/political analysis of Bailey v Garden Court & Stonewall

Thank you Allison Bailey

Queen's Speech Episode 5!

Not in my name. Part Deux.

Not in my name.

Queen's Speech Episode 3 - The Tory Leadership race!

Queens Speech 2 - Forstater deep dive

Queen's Speech

Dennis does Clive's show

The blunting of the homosexual imagination

Please read this thread

What we learned from the Conversion Therapy debate

What if you're wrong?

The Gay Men's Network letter on the conversion therapy debate

Biology Denial - the "Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield" of political philosophies

Essex police try to intimidate the public

Proud of bloody what?

Clive on the grim history of conversion therapy

Kavanagh on Savage Minds

"Similar to South Africa attempting to racially integrate society"

Gender Borg libel Dr. Az with hilarious results

10 reasons why Biology Denial is homophobia 2.0, not gay rights 2.0

Clive's rather wonderful YouTube channel

Kavanagh on "The reason we learn" Podcast

Twitter Silencing Gay Men (again)

The black lesbian who threw the first brick at Stonewall

Gay and Lesbian are realities. Not Labels

The parlous quality of GRA debate exposed

Gay Men do not have heterosexual oral sex

Twitter is not serious about Free Speech

Twitter is silencing Gay Men

Identities for sale

Question Not

On Liberty



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