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Great episode thanks! & have sent some support to Glinner.. thanks for the reminder at the end.https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/help-me-2/

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I felt *surely* following Clive’s description of his uh… *fluids* that the “Flemish” thing was winding up for a joke, lol

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As always, bangs, salutes, cheers and whistles to you, gentlemen!

Yaniv and Titzilla:

Canadians pretty much have to depend on outside sources to find out about the Yanivs and the Titzillas. Seems to be a sort of "gentlemen's agreement" across the media, including the mainstream conservative outlets.

Wasn't till the Yaniv made the Daily Mail in England that TV or the press here made any mention of him. Equally, Titzilla is mentioned only when new information appears about him ... from abroad ... with Canadians in effect smuggling information out. And a lot are doing that and very well, but there's still pretty much a blockade on coverage here except for online sites like Gender Dissent, &c.

It's a vast country with a small population and far less than it once had in the way of newspapers, especially local ones. The CBC (fancies itself the Beeb, god help us) was caputured long ago, so the more coverage the national genderborg gets abroad, the better for us.

Transing Away the Gay:

I'm a heterosexual adult human female, older 'n dirt, and from the get-go, "affirming" that any child could be in the wrong body seemed to me to be but a form of child sacrifice. I had no idea that it

would go international, so to speak.

The only thing that heartens me is the outspokenness of your own fine selves and many many others in demanding, Leave Them Kids Alone! There's been almost no mainstream Canadian coverage of the Canadian Tavistocks. Toronto's Sick Kids (the Hospital for Sick Children) turns out to have had a "transgender youth clinic" since 2013.

Once again, I'm grateful to y'all and all y'all for your work (I'm Southern-bred and -born ; y'all is Dennis and Clive, all y'all is everybody else now too numerous to list).

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Good Speech. Enjoying the SNP 2 homophobic candidates at issue.. couldn’t write the motives of the gender ideologues..

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Another great episode. Thanks, both

Children still being referred for puberty blockers from the Tavistock! Total scandal



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Excellent listening as usual 🙂❤️

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Yes to all you said! And I'm greatly heartened by the abundant good will and good faith on our side. And the wit!

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