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Queens Speech is like an ocean of fun in an insane world. Clive and Dennis just have a way with words that just makes everything explained in calm and pleasant tones with sarcasm that bites and a few giggles included. Love it

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Dear Dennis

A legal query. Maya Forstater and Allison Bailey won their tribunal claims and gained compensation because it was held that gender critical beliefs are a protected characteristic for the purposes of the Equality Act. How then can the police (naming no names for current purposes) claim that stating such beliefs in public might amount to a crime? Are the police adopting the gender woo woo mantra that words (such as saying ' no woman has a penis') are 'actual violence' (which is, of course, nonsense on stilts). In which case the police are joining with the woo woo brigade in trying to silence women!!

Greatly enjoyed the latest Queen's Speech and the excellent ending featuring Odious J himself :)

Thanks for considering this

Dusty M

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have just set up a substack to put out info and ideas and hopefully a bit of humour about all this madness so please do check me out at https://dustymasterson.substack.com/publish

Well done for all your great work, Dennis and Clive

Dusty Masterson

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Crybullies. Owen sounds like a typical one.

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I hate Owen Jones's face, this makes his face hate speech

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