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The Borg don't seem to realise from their self affirming bubble but the tide is turning against them. The courts are ruling on our side. The Medical authorities are dealing with the Webberlies. The inserting of outside third parties in medical settings is coming under increasing scrutiny (beware Mermaids).

It is being reported that Blue Tick celebrities in the US are removing their pronouns from their profiles after Bill Maher's intervention and Netflix has told it's woke infants to go work elsewhere. Dave Chappelle brings them millions, the infants cost them in salaries. Woke doesn't work as a bottom line unless you are a very plastic surgeon or you make lupron etc.

The Scandis are stopping non evidence based gender medicine like puberty blockers or early use of hormones.

Everywhere outside of Canada or here in Scotland* the Woke tide is receding and coming under scrutiny and being found wanting.

*Even here there are signs, the women and their male allies are not wheeshting.

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Genuine question - when can the charity status of Stonewall be challenged? How is it even receiving funding after redefining homosexuality to be same gender attraction when that's not even what's protected in law!

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"The more and more Stonewall face embarrassment and defeat at every turn, they more and more they turn on their own community" - Abusers usually don't go out looking for victims, they turn to the people who are closest.

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Spot on. Now watch everything everywhere all at once.

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I am a little concerned that naming the intellectual vacuity of gender ideology after the Borg in public is not doing the cause against it any favours. I used to refer to it as the “woo woo” and was frequently piled on at Twitter because I was not taking it seriously

Despite never having taken it seriously, to some extent I learned that I had to in order to engage with it. I was never “peaked” because I never took its parent ideology, identity politics, seriously. I naively assumed that the intellectual incoherence of identity politics would peter out because right minded people would see how obviously bereft it is of any content other than the precious feelings of disturbed adolescents.

But a whole industry has been constructed around these feelings; apart from the stupidities of gender ideology, there are companies profiting from chest flatterers (or whatever these items of torture are called), we all know that Stonewall was a failing charity until it received a massive cash injection from the pharmaceutical lobby, we also all know that during lockdown powerful social media bubbles came into existence that persuaded millions of genuinely disturbed young people and their allies to became utterly convinced that they had discovered a profound truth about existence in general and themselves in particular. Those of us who read Foucault in the eighties are completely bewildered by the damage done by Butler’s bourgeois reading of his work to academia. How many am academics are either turning a blind eye or going along with it to protect tenure and pension rights?

We are up against a very powerful assemblage - a dispositif - of many forces and deployments. It is perhaps more sensible to regard these separately rather than to pejoratively lump them all together; however appropriate and beautifully tempting it is to lump it all together as the Borg or woowoo, this may only offer fuel to the enemy.

The victory in the UK about so called “conversion therapy” despite its good sense may only be temporary. We don’t know. Even if it is obvious that banning any kind of talking therapy that disallows anything but affirmation of what the one doing the talking says will bring about the end of much talking therapy, so many academics and judicial organisations have been captured that the decision may be reversed.

I write only to warn that flippancy against such a well organised and clandestinely funded deployment of all the elements of the contemporary polity is perhaps inappropriate. I do not deny that the ideology against which we are fighting is akin to some woowoo invented by tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs, nor that as a whole it has a certain similarity to the Borg.

I also write as one who has been taking what are elsewhere called puberty blockers off and on for more than six years because these are the same drugs used to control advanced prostate cancer. I know exactly how damaging they are because vertebrae L5 and T11 have collapsed. I am on a morphine equivalent of nearly 40 grams a day in order to control the pain - quite a lot of which arises from bony mets - so it is difficult to know exactly how much is due to the damage done to my vertebrae by the leeching of minerals away from my bones that is a direct result of the “puberty blockers” but I have a fair idea that the damage to T11 causes me considerable pain when coughing and has restricted by breathing. The damage to L5 is more difficult to gauge since I have bony mets throughout my pelvis and within my hip joints.

My case has been recently handed over from oncology to palliative care and this is the hill I am quite literally going to die on.

We are entering dark times where every battle won may only be temporary. Referring publicly to the idiocy of identity politics and its mutations in such pejorative terms may not be the best way forward, and I freely concede that my referring to identify politics as idiotic probably doesn’t help much either. But I perhaps naively assume that I am here among allies. For I also know that big pharma has spies in every nook and cranny of the internet. In which case any degree of triumphalism may be misplaced.

Thank you this opportunity to let off steam. This hill is big and my death is not yet imminent.

Love and peace. DS

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Pink News identifies as libel

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Could someone please explain if this would be a case (libel etc.) against Stonewall or against the CEO?

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