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Dennis Noel Kavanagh on the State of the Gender War in the US and UK

A conversation across the pond

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Dennis Noel Kavanagh
Matt Osborne
We talk to the people whose work we read and write about.
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Me and Matt survey where we are legally on gender type cases in the US and UK -

Dennis Noel Kavanagh graciously agreed to help me understand the dramatic changes to the legal landscape in the UK. I tried to help him navigate our patchwork political system and our federal courts. Errata: I mentioned the Heritage Society when I was of course referring to the Heritage Foundation. Tim Griffin is the attorney general of Arkansas, not Alabama. Arkansas is in the US Eighth Circuit. Here is a map showing which states have a Republican (red) trifecta, Democratic (blue) trifecta, or a split in power between governor, state representative, and state senate.


This is the postmortem analysis of the Arkansas case by Unyielding Bicyclist, which I recommend.

LGBT Courage Coalition
Brandt Files
This is an index of all the entries in the Brandt Files, a series about the first legal challenge to a ban on youth gender medicine in the US. Introduction to the Brandt Files The Trial #1: Don’t Say Gay at the LGBTQ Rights Trial Gayness Gender nonconformity…
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Here are the video clips of grassroots activists speaking to an Ohio senate committee.